Confidential series

The Confidential series will ultimately be composed of three (more or less) stand-alone novels, each of them about a different couple (or not couple, possibly, in the third novel). The first one is a heterosexual romance, the second one follows a lesbian couple and the third one is… to be determined.

The first volume, Café Confidential, is already written and currently going through the second round of revisions. It’s a romantic comedy about Caroline: a prickly woman in her thirties meeting a man who defies her expectations. Sparks fly.

Of all the cafés in town, he had to keep coming to hers.
Running a small independent cafe does not leave a thirty-odd years old Caroline much time to hook up, date or fall in love. Certainly not with the jerk of a customer who, “on principle,” refuses to tell her his name. Not even if he is the most handsome man she’s seen in a while, and seems quite taken with her, surly attitude and all.
Then again, multi-tasking is a requirement for the modern female entrepreneur.
A story about finding love and a lot of great sex in unexpected places; about patchwork and made families and families one is born into. Contains foot massages, friendly lesbian co-workers, unfriendly boyfriends of family members, beards, jokes about libertarians, sexual adventures and a lot of kittens—but hardly any iguanas.


The second novel, tentatively entitled Sketch Confidential, is currently in progress. It follows new characters: Jemma, the owner of a tech company and Violet, part-time starving artist, whose lives collide in Caroline’s café. Coffee flies.

The third novel is going to center around Jemma’s twin brother, Nate. And his tumultuous love life. It’s untitled, for now.



Current projects

There’s a lot of them! And I’m not even including all the shorts. But let’s hope this will serve to motivate me.

  1. Post-steampunk campus m/f/f romance (Project #1) – in revisions.
  2. Fantasy epic romance, vol. 1  (Progress #1) – in revisions.
  3. Prequel to the fantasy epic romance (Progress #0.5) – in progress.
  4. Contemporary m/f rom com (Confidential #1) – in revisions.
  5. Contemporary f/f rom com (Confidential #2) – in progress.
  6. Contemporary m/f/f?? rom com (Confidential #3) – planned.
  7. Fantasy epic romance continued (Progress #2) – planned.
  8. Another prequel to the fantasy epic romance? (Progress #0.25) – very tentatively planned.
  9. Contemporary m/f  seekrit project (Dating #1) – planned.
  10. A ten-years-later sequel to the fantasy epic romance (Progress #3) – planned, v.v.v. tentatively.